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Diane Kirkland Lynch
Licensed Massage Therapist,
Reiki Master, CHt. & Hiker

My name is Diane and I am a Reiki Master, licensed massage therapist, certified hypnotherapist and owner of Energieworks Therapeutic Massage. With 18 years of experience in therapeutic massage and bodywork, I am trained in a variety of modalities including oncology massage and will personalize each session using a combination of techniques customized to fit your specific needs. 

I became interested in massage after a car accident in the early '90's. After 2 years of physical therapy and many, many doctor appointments to relieve my pain, I was sent for massage therapy which relieved more pain than any of the pills they were prescribing.  That was just the beginning of my journey into massage, Reiki and hypnotherapy for pain relief without drugs!  The body is amazing and will heal itself when we understand what it is telling us through our symptoms.  As we weave through these symptoms, which may include physical and emotional trauma, we begin to unravel the core issues that may be causing our physical pain so that we may help the body to heal itself.

In each session I will assess my clients needs on a one-to-one basis to determine a specific treatment for each session. Clients are reporting relief from back pain, migraines, TMJ, sciatica, fibromyalgia, knee pain, plantar fasciitis pain, rotator cuff issues and carpal tunnel in addition to relief from anxiety, insomnia and many other stress induced symptoms. Clients are also experiencing increased mobility, enjoying an improved quality of life, and reporting that they no longer need prescription drugs and over the counter painkillers. 

Energieworks Therapeutic Massage & Reiki Center 2020

 I am now ready to pass on my knowledge and experience as a bodyworker and Reiki master to like minded people who are ready to experience, learn and share in the Reiki energy.  We are all born with "Ki" , "Chi", "Prana" or Life Energy which flows through all of us.  When the "Ki"is disrupted, it can cause illness.  When a person receives a Reiki session, the energy assesses where the disruption is located  and directs the energy to the area where healing is needed.  Once healthy "Ki" is flowing, the body is able to complete the healing process.  

Anyone can learn Reiki (pronounced ray-key).  Reiki never causes harm and it never depletes your energy.  Reiki works in harmony with all other types of treatment, including medical and psychological care and is used in most hospitals in the U.S.  I urge everyone to give Reiki a try, you will not be sorry!

Check out the class and events pages on this website for class schedules and events.   

If you have any questions regarding Reiki go to for more information or email me from the contact page.


""If all you did was just looked for things to appreciate,

you would live a joyously, spectacular life."    


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