Usui/Holy Fire III® Reiki I & II  

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.  It was discovered by Mikao Usui in March, 1922.  In this weekend course you will learn what Reiki is, the history of Reiki, and how to work with this amazing energy!  A great class for beginners!  

On completion of this class, you will be able to give Reiki treatments to yourself and others.  Following completion of this class you will also be included in our Reiki shares, Reiki events and receive a free mentorship with Diane. You will learn to work with this amazing energy and receive lots of practice time to strengthen your skills so that you will be prepared to choose this as a rewarding, new career.
A 192 page class manual and certificate are included. Students are responsible for their own meals. Tea and snacks provided.

Coming in April, 2020

Saturday 8:30am - 6:00pm | Sunday 9:00am - 6:00pm 

Instructor: Diane Kirkland Lynch, LMT, Reiki Master, CHt.

(See contact page for map and directions).

Class Fee: $375

REGISTRATION: You must be registered before the first day of class.  Email Diane at: 

Please put the words "Class Registration" in subject line of your email. 

  Payment for class may be made on 1st day of class

with cash or credit card.

Usui/Holy Fire III®  Master Class

This class includes both Advanced Reiki Training (ART) and Reiki Master Training.  You will be able to initiate students into all levels of Reiki including Reiki Master. This training is intensive and thorough. It includes lecture, discussion, demonstration and lots of practice time.  Be prepared for a deeply healing experience.`````

A 186 page class manual and a certificate are included.  


Empowerment Workshop 

In this workshop learn to reconnect with yourself, reconnect with the Universe and reconnect with Source.  These reconnections will in turn help us to release blockages that may be holding us back.  This workshop will include group Reiki journeys and meditations that may bring desired positive changes to our mind, body and soul, so that we are empowered to allow our light to shine stronger and brighter than ever!  A journal is included for you to record your insights during class! 

Bring mats, blankets, or pillows for your comfort during sessions and meditations.

A no judgement, no cell phone zone!

Breast Cancer Reiki Workshop

Join us for a deeply, transformative 2-day workshop co-hosted by Andrea Walker, a Reiki student and breast cancer survivor who has found love, hope, healing and peace through her Reiki sessions and training.  Group Reiki and guided meditations with lots of sharing and Kleenex!   Journals are included for you to record your feelings, thoughts and insights. 

Please bring a bag lunch.  Water, tea and coffee provided. Bring mats, blankets, and pillows for your comfort during Reiki sessions and meditations.

A no judgement, no cell phone zone!


Reiki Share

Reiki Share, 6:00-9:30 p.m.  Any lineage, any level. Students, teachers and newbies all joined together on the 3rd Tuesday of every month for an energy filled evening of giving and receiving Reiki with like minded people. Help us spread the Reiki love!  Doors close at 6:30.

Check our Facebook page or email me with any questions or comments about our wonderful Reiki share!  Donations accepted but not required.

We will need a head count, please email Diane if you plan to attend! Hope to see you there!!  


"Education is the kindling of a flame,

not the filling of a vessel".


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